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It's fun to BE ME!

Be ME Workshop/Studio is open daily from 9AM to 6PM.
For inquiries, call Be Me at 897-8310 local 7411.


BE ME is where you can learn by making, where you can kindle your imagination and express your creativity.
Imagine, wonder, tinker.
Satisfy your curiosity.
Engage your hands and your mind.
Make something useful.
Challenge yourself and take risks.
BE ME equips you with the resources to help you make your project: materials, tools and inspirations in a conducive and supportive environment. Use your time productively and gain confidence as you complete each project.
BE ME celebrates our inner innovative spirit by offering an experiential design space that welcomes exploring, experimenting and learning by making.
For children, BE ME fosters originality, independence and responsibility.
For adults, it offers a place where one can enjoy a hobby, share a passion, or pique a curiosity.
Wholesome, social, constructive fun activities – now that is good for me.


BE ME is for kids, teens and dults!